Formula BMW.

The most difficult challenge.

Sergio left home at age 14 for Germany to compete in Formula BMW. He decided not to come home until he was the champion of Formula 1. Pérez moved to Europe in 2005 to compete in the German Formula BMW ADAC series. Although things were easy in the beginning when he arrived in Europe, he learned first-hand how difficult it is to start a career so far from home. Sergio did not speak German or have a place to live so he spent several months sleeping in a restaurant owned by the leader of the team “4 Speed Media”. Sergio was very homesick; he missed his family, his home, and his pets. His thirst for victory kept him going though, within a barely competitive team he achieved the second place of the podium during the first event of the campaign where he competed two races, in the second race he earned a win down the rain, to give to his team the best result of her own history.