Formula 1.

The dream continues.

After the successful campaign in GP2, Sergio Perez was confirmed by the Sauber F1 team as official driver for the 2011 season. He fulfilled one of his dreams. Pérez is the fifth Mexican to compete in Formula One, and the first since Hector Rebaque competed between 1977 and 1981. He became the leader of the Mexican motorsports by reaching the pinnacle series. The excitement of the arrival of Checo creates a new stream of fans of Formula 1; young people who feel motivated and inspired by his career full of challenges, and difficulties overcome by perseverance. Upon arrival in Formula 1 he made a commitment: be an example for Mexico and for all those who have dreams in life, dreams that seem impossible challenges. The challenge is not easy. Sergio has to fulfil his ultimate dream: to be a Formula 1 champion.

In Australia 2011, Checo passed the checkered flag in seventh place in his first race, impressing commentators by stopping to change tires only once. By doing so, he became the only driver in the field to make fewer than two stops. However, both Sauber cars were subsequently disqualified for infringing technical regulations.

In the Spanish Grand Prix 2011, Pérez collected his first classified points in ninth place, ahead of teammate Kamui Kobayashi in tenth.

In 2011 Sergio scored valuable points in Silverstone, Singapore, Suzuka and India. He ended the season in 16th with 14 points, one of the best results for a rookie during that season.